HWM Advisory Board & Staff

Founder & Publisher Daniel Tisdale

President CC Minton

Editor-in-Chief Vacant

Business Lawrence King

Politics Mike McQuillan , Ed Davila

Travel Daniel Tisdale , Yolande Brener , Michael Andre Adams

Health Dr. Kecia Gaither , Dr. Randi Nelson

Food Lil Nickelson

Art Todd Roulette , Daniel Tisdale, Jill Marie Lawrence , Claude Jay , Walter Rutledge , Souleo

Style Etu Evans , Kass

Things To Do Marc Peoples

Entertainment Stephanie Woods , Gregory Burrus , Greg Thomas

Real Estate CC Minton , Robb Pair

Photography Udo Salters , Rudy Collins , Seitu Oronde

Advisory Board Daniel Tisdale, Mike McQuillan , Gregory Burrus , CC Minton , Gwendolyn Black, Gwen Kingsberry, Glenn Hunter, HWM Readers

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Updated 10/4/2022

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